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‘For over thirty-five years, we have been sharing God’s incredible message of salvation, healing and wholeness made possible for everyone through belief in Jesus Christ. We invite you to come to our meetings, conferences and events which are held at Dunwood Oaks throughout the year. We’d love to meet you!’

Who is Jesus?

‘Jesus Christ has transformed countless lives. He’s the most talked about person in history. But who is He? And why does it matter?’


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Coronavirus  – How we can help you

No Meetings or Conferences  – UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Whilst our nation is in lockdown we have arranged some interesting ideas to keep you spiritually built up and blessed until things get back to normal again.

We will be adding a new video every (hopefully) Sunday morning so that you can watch an encouraging message relevant to whats going on around us and in our lives. You can access these videos by searching for – sozo ministries international – in youtube. We have 4 messages available at a time but select the most recent one by date.

Alternatively, you can also access the messages via the livestream tab on the homepage of . There are 4 videos there again in date order but the livestream window will not fill because we cannot film or post live for the time being.

We also want to offer times in the week when you can call us and either chat about situations or life in general or have some prayer. Please call us on 01794344920 and ask about that.

Ministry fellow labourers will also be able to join live Bible Studies via ZOOM and they will recieve emailed invitations as to when they will be.

We value your support at this time and hope you will be blessed while we re unable to meet together.  Stay Safe. We love you all

Do contact us if we can help you any further

Thank you for your continuing support to us as a ministry