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M27 Road Closure February 2nd 2020

May Affect the planned Healing & Deliverance Meeting on that day.

Please read this info and plan ahead.

Please visit this link

This may affect the main Healing and Deliverance meeting on Sunday, February 2nd.

Last time engineers removed the other side of the bridge in 2019 they finished way ahead of the projected Sunday and things were quickly back to normal, but on the days they remove the actual bridge, Romsey and surrounding area are in hectic because the M27 is diverted through Romsey itself!

My best advice would be to study the detour map on the link and those driving south towards us try to come off the detour at Stockbridge or signed Stockbridge. This will save many wasted miles following their outrageous detour and bring you straight into Awbridge via Stockbridge Road A3057 which is a rural road but very much more direct than their suggested route!

Routes from Bournemouth (west)- Come off at J1 and  drive across New Forest towards Bramshaw.

Routes from Chichester (east) – Plan a route towards Badgers Farm, Winchester, then take roads towards Ampfield, then on to Awbridge.

On the day keep an eye on google maps on your smart phone and use their live update. There is no suggestion that train travellers will be disrupted so we will still meet and greet trains as usual.

As I said prior, the engineers have been very proud that they have removed the other bridge in minimal time in the past.

Safe Travels – See you on February 2nd