Jewish journey

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About us

Sozo is one of the foremost healing and deliverance ministries in the UK. If you are not “free” in any area of your life, then we can help.

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Sozo Ministries International was established in 1983 by Marion Daniel.
Our ministry's vision is to "bring wholeness to the world through Jesus".

For over thirty years, we have shared the message of God's love and healing power. Find out more about our ministry and the miraculous journey which God has led us on since the ministry started…

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 Marion Daniel, founding Pastor
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It is our desire to bring the message of the whole gospel to God's people and the world. Jesus died that we might be saved, healed and made whole. Holy Scripture proves that it is God's best that we are whole in body, mind and spirit.

In the original Biblical language, the word “sozo” means saved, healed and whole. We believe Father God heals His people as they enter into worship in the presence of holiness, and in the power of the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Marion Daniel, supported by a team of people, ministers the whole gospel and the revelation that God delivers and heals His people today.

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  • Healing and deliverance meetings held once a month at the Dunwood Oaks Centre. These are valuable times of praise, worship, ministry of the Word, as well as an opportunity to receive personal prayer for healing and deliverance from a Biblical perspective.
  • Wholeness and victory conferences throughout the year, seeing many come to salvation, or receive miracles and healings.
  • General deliverance, prayers of authority and wisdom from God's Word.
  • Celebrations of Biblical feasts throughout the year.
  • Ministry to those affected by an involvement in freemasonry, as well as other brotherhoods and ungodly groups.
  • Ministry to those with Jewish roots. In the journey to embrace our Jewish roots, we have seen that many of God's chosen people live persecuted lives even today for all sorts of reasons. We have a heart to pray with these people and see them set free in Yeshua.
  • Team visits by personal invitation throughout Britain and abroad, preaching “God wants you whole” (the whole gospel) as well as a host of other topics.
  • Ministry preparation courses for those wishing to serve and minister for Jesus Christ and additional courses for those who are established and wish to "go further in ministry".
  • A desire to help and support others in leadership or pastoral roles. It can be hard work being a leader. Let us help you keep the flame burning!
  • International media teaching ministry with an online resource shop. We stock a large selection of teaching CDs, DVDs and books, including many which are not available in mainstream Christian bookstores.
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Sozo Ministries International originally began as Mayday Ministries.

Out of her own home, Marion birthed what is now Sozo Ministries International. She preached and ministered from house to house and then started to hold regular Sunday afternoon services at the YWCA in Bellevue Road, Southampton. It was not long before this facility became too small and we began using various other venues in the Test Valley.

Mayday Ministries


Alongside local meetings, the ministry received invitations from further afield which led to ministry trips becoming quite the norm. As we started to minister across Great Britain we took to the road in the first Sozo Minibus.



We held our first ‘Wholeness and Victory’ holidays during the spring and summer at Kingford Hill, Devon. After that, residential conferences continued on for many years at other locations within the United Kingdom.



Mountbatten School, Romsey was our gathering point for many years where we met for larger meetings called ‘Sozo Sundays’. Many people joined us here for pure worship, the Word of God and prayer for healing.



To allow for growth, the ministry soon rented administrative offices in West Wellow, Hampshire. Starting with just two offices, we then progressed into three offices, eventually requiring an additional Portakabin.



The ministry was granted charity status in 1994. Today, we still pursue an ethical standard as we adhere to the UK Charity Commission’s code of governance and legal requirements.



To consolidate our separate offices into one building and to obtain a sanctuary for some of our meetings, we relocated to ‘Sozo House’ in central Romsey. After first acquiring the left side of the building, we later expanded into the right side which gave us a much needed headquarters for our vision.



The Awbridge Pavilion became our recreational building for many years where we hosted children’s faith schools, summer fun days, family events and more.



God led us to the door of the Dunwood Manor Golf Club in autumn 2012. Although the property needed work to make it home, it was clear this was the place that would accommodate all we want to achieve and do as a ministry.



As a result of people’s faithful and generous giving, we recently opened the doors on the new sanctuary at Dunwood Oaks. We want to fill this place and bring glory to God so why not join us and be a part of what God is doing here!