Our people

Here are some of the people who faithfully serve this ministry, some from its start and others who have committed along the way.


Marion Daniel is the director and founding pastor of Sozo Ministries International. She is supported by a board of trustees, full time staff, some members of her family and committed volunteer staff along with many others who serve the Lord with their giftings to keep the ministry vision fulfilled.

She became a born-again believer in Jesus in the 1970’s after a marriage break-up and was miraculously healed of spondylosis of the spine. In the early 1980’s she heard the message that “God wants you whole” and felt this was key to her receiving her miracle. She has since taken this message from the Bible to everyone who wants to hear and experience wholeness through Jesus.

Marion Daniel


The trustees are the senior leaders of our ministry. They exist to safeguard our vision today and provide directorship for the future. As we are a registered charity, they also ensure everything operates effectively and transparently.

Alan Daniel
Alan Daniel, Trustee
Rhonda Sherlock
Rhonda Sherlock, Trustee
Richard Cary
Richard Cary, Trustee
Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan, Trustee
Simon Badger
Simon Badger, Trustee


You’ll meet our friendly staff whenever you contact us or come to our events. They’re in place to help you connect with God in a more meaningful way.

Alan Daniel
Alan Daniel, Business manager
Chris Ayres
Chris Ayres, Office administration
Richard Cary
Richard Cary, Accounts

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