Foundation of Wholeness

Join us for the day and hear the teaching that will revolutionise your life. We have seen a great number of people set free from M.E. and other related conditions on previous conference with the same theme. This wholeness message has underpinned our ministry for 40 years. It is such a key topic whether your have need yourself or you want to help others.

Foundation of Wholeness - Further Steps

We felt led to offer this subject again, but in a way that covers both the foundational teaching and ‘FURTHER STEPS...’ which will be delving deeper into each key message of wholeness so that we can glean further and apply all it offers us.

Therefore, this teaching is suitable to those who have taken this teaching in before, and those that have yet to have that opportunity.

Freedom from Freemasonry

On this specialised day we minister to people whose lives have been affected by freemasonry, as well as many other ungodly societies and brotherhoods. The effects that these false brotherhoods have on their members can be quite severe and can affect members’ families for generations.

Ministry for Healthcare Workers and Carers

This day is open to anyone who has cared for, nursed or looked after people including those caring at home and those in social care etc. It may even be benficial if you were sick with Covid and still trying to recover! If you are in doubt feel free to call us and discuss it further.

Issues of the Mind

We all battle with thoughts and problems, but dealing with them can often be a real challenge, especially these last few years, compounded by Covid. Let us help you! We can show you how to address the things you battle with and find that place of peace.

Making it work for you

God’s Word has the key! The Word is YOUR ammunition! How can you apply it in your day to day life? Faced with a situation of street – What do you do?