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Our vision is growing…

It’s very exciting to have a new building, but even more exciting to have a new vision!

We are delighted to have this place so that we can expand our vision and touch more lives for Jesus! As a training and resource centre, we offer teaching and ministry on topics that will help you in your everyday life and equip you to become more effective servants for God’s Kingdom. It can be hard to find biblical truth today so we’re here to fill in the gaps. Take a look at our calendar every now and then, and when your heart responds to an event just listen to see if the Holy Spirit is prompting you to jump on it! Hope to meet you soon here at Dunwood Oaks.

Love, Pastor Marion


A Christian resource centre on a former golf course

In 2013, a much loved golf club closed its doors for the last time. A short time later God led our ministry to Dunwood, and it was clear that this was going to be the place for us to grow. After a few months we successfully acquired the site and began to renovate the existing buildings, while leaving a space cleared for the new sanctuary to be built. In faith, we set out to finish the project. With grateful thanks to all of our supporters for their generous giving and donations, we were able to complete construction in early 2017!

Secure land
Renovate buildings
Construct sanctuary
Project completed

Ready for the future…

Anointed teaching, ministry and worship

As the building project has now come to a successful end, we are ready for what God wants to do in this place. We see Dunwood Oaks as a major stepping stone in our vision to “bring wholeness to the world through Jesus”. You are always welcome here.


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