September 25th 2021

9:30am – 4:30pm

Hosted by Alan Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks.


On this specialised day we minister to people whose lives have been affected by freemasonry, as well as many other ungodly societies and brotherhoods. The effects that these false brotherhoods have on their members can be quite severe and can affect members’ families for generations. We have witnessed great success in seeing the captives released. People have testified that the roots of freemasonry have finally been severed and that they are free!

Ministry will be specifically aimed at dealing with the deep spiritual dimensions that have been “taken” from Christian celebrations and adapted for use in masonic ceremonies. We will also minister regarding all vows and curses spoken in ceremonies, as well as ministering over regalia, rituals, and curses spoken out over families through each of the 33 masonic degrees.

We will also be ministering in areas where we feel freemasonry has had a physical effect on people and also give guests an opportunity to renounce any other groups, denominations or organisations that they feel may have had an ungodly affect upon their lives. It is not unusual for guests to share with us that they have often struggled financially. This is something we encounter often and feel it is related to the lodges and will be ministered into during the conference.

From bondage to freedom!

Our aim is to see God’s people set free, liberated and filled with a fresh anointing ready for a future free from the bondage of spiritual strongholds. During the day there will be corporate ministry and times of praise and worship to celebrate our new found freedom and deliverance from spiritual strongholds.

What has SMI got to offer me?

A Word based ministry with concise, accurate, anointed and Holy Ghost led prayers of authority and deliverance, as well as a ministry that keeps a holy, Godly order in the midst of deep deliverance. Established now for over 30 years, Sozo has been ministering Freedom from Freemasonry for nearly 20 of those years. We have a significant range of other teaching areas especially on subjects such as: wholeness, generational problems, deliverance from occult issues, foundation building, healing, foreign cultures / religious backgrounds, relationships etc. These areas and many other topics all hinge on the importance of praise, worship and the ultimate authority of God’s Word.

What happens on the day?

On the day, we will minister thoroughly regarding freemasonry and the other lodges and groups that we feel necessitate prayers of authority. We have found it very effective to look at all the aspects of freemasonry – the vows, oaths, degrees, regalia etc and pray specifically into those areas. We will also minister with regards to the effects of other lodges and brotherhoods, as led. Throughout the day we will stop for comfort breaks as well as lunch and refreshments. All delegates will be expected to fully participate in the day and must be able to commit to the whole day. It is not possible to attend for parts of the day as that could have a negative effect on the person receiving.

Couldn't I just pray about it myself?

Our experience has shown this to be an ineffective way of ministry. Due to the very deep spiritual holds that freemasonry and the other lodges and groups have on people’s lives, we believe it requires quite deep and specialised prayer ministry from ministers with knowledge and experience. It is also essential that those ministering are totally free themselves. Some people who have tried to minister to themselves in the past have often regretted it!

What if someone else has ministered to me in the past?

We would not wish to denounce anyone else’s ministry, but you have to ask yourself these questions. Have you seen a significant breakthrough in your life? Do you still see things going wrong in your life or the lives of those around you? Do you still struggle in your daily walk with God? Do you struggle with a physical or spiritual problem that you can’t seem to get a breakthrough from? We have been told that we deal with freemasonry and the other lodges and groups in a deeper way than most other ministries. Wouldn’t you like the reassurance that it is dealt with thoroughly and that you shouldn’t need to be ministered to again!

What if it was my husband/wife or their family who was involved?

Again, our experience has shown that due to the covenant made between husband and wife, the problems associated with freemasonry and the other lodges and groups tend to affect both sides of a family not just the side that was involved. This then affects children and their children etc, until all roots and effects have been prayed through.

How can freemasonry affect a person?

That’s a hard question to answer, but to name a few you may see: A history of breakdowns in relationships or communication within relationships; Members of families unable to accept Jesus Christ in a personal way, especially men; A real struggle to ‘find’ a relationship with God; A history of gynaecological or obstetric problems, especially barrenness or miscarriages; Members of the family suffering from undiagnosable or untreatable illnesses; A history of early deaths, especially through accident or cancer; A history of mental illness or problems with the mind; Poverty, when ‘on paper’ things should be fine…

What if I don't know of any lodge history in my family, but my life doesn’t seem blessed?

Many people have come in faith with the same dilemma, but have often returned home completely set free and in a new walk with Jesus. It seems that many people from a religious or strong denominational background get set free too!

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