Marion Daniel

Founding Pastor

“I was a believer for years and nobody emphasised the need to get my direction for life from His holy Word. Consequently, I was left in a wilderness for years searching for what? I didn’t know! Don’t waste time like I did. Make up the time! Join us for these days to draw from the rivers of life.”

Simon Badger

Course teacher

“I believe God’s Word should be the foundation for our lives as Christians. In this regard I am convinced that, next to salvation, gaining a personal understanding of the Bible and applying it in our lives is actually the primary calling for all believers. In these sessions we aim to give you not only the tools, but also the confidence to embark on the greatest adventure of life—knowing God through His Word.”

Nigel Wylie

Course teacher

“If you’ve ever felt like you could get more from the Word or you find it hard to get into, these one-off days could be the Lord’s anointed next step for you. We’re aiming to show you some of the tools we use, demonstrate them and give you time to learn them too. Invest a day learning how to get into the most valuable book in your life. Or why not come to all three?”

John Scoular

Course teacher

“My Bible now holds an irreplaceable position in my life, but it wasn’t always this way. Over time I’ve realised how desperately I need it, and how sincerely the church needs it too. We all need the living Word of God! It’s for you as much as it’s for me or anyone else. When this book comes alive, your life will not be the same. This course will help you study your Bible this way. All you need to do is come willing.”


The living Word is for EVERYONE. It is always relevant, always helpful. It can speak directly into your life! Learn how to study it on this friendly, straightforward course. You do not need to be a professor or a theologian to join us!

We are hosting 6 lessons, 5 group studies and 1 Q&A focused on helping you learn how to study the Bible in a MEANINGFUL way. You can choose to attend 1, 2 or all 3 days as each day stands alone.


Saturday, 27 April

Lesson 1 and group study

The living Word – John Scoular

Lesson 2 and group study

Rightly dividing the Word – Simon Badger

Saturday, 25 May

Lesson 3 and group study

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance basic teaching – Simon Badger

Lesson 4 and group study

Different ways in… – Nigel Wylie

Saturday, 29 June

Lesson 5 and group study

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance advanced teaching – Simon Badger

Lesson 6 and group study

Sharing wisdom and experience – Marion Daniel


Who is SMI?

Since 1983, Sozo Ministries International has shared the message of God’s love and healing power. In the original Greek language, the word ‘sozo’ means salvation, healing and wholeness—that is the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. We share this incredible message at our meetings, conferences and events which are held at our ministry centre in Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge.

Why should I attend this course?

Many courses offer academic education and training which talk around the Bible, but this course will lead you directly into the pages of the LIVING Word of God! Enjoy being together with other believers as you gain a greater understanding of how the Bible can help YOU in your everyday life…

What does a course day involve?

  • 6 simple lessons
  • 5 interactive studies
  • Plenty of hands-on practice with your Bible
  • Not just listening to teaching, applying yourself
  • Singing from Scripture
  • Helpful handouts after each lesson
  • Optional further study for when you get home

How experienced do I have to be?

This course will suit wherever you’re at. Everyone is welcome. All ages and abilities.

What if I don't keep up?

There will be a group attached to each session where you can get more help. So if you do find yourself getting lost or stuck, there will always be plenty of opportunity to overcome that. The course will have a steady pace and we will do our best to ensure that we all progress together.

What will I get out of it?

It’s our heart that you leave this course with a better understanding of how the living Word applies to your life. We believe the most powerful thing you can learn is to know how to bring the Holy Bible ALIVE in your everyday life. This course is about equipping you so you know where to go for help, direction, healing, wisdom, encouragement, comfort…

What will my commitment to the course be?

You should pray about attending this course by asking God if it’s right for you. If He leads you here, then come with an open heart to learn and an expectation to GROW. You’ll need to commit to His Word as the final authority in your life.


Saturday, 25 May

9:30 am – 4:00 pm


Husband and wife

Students, unemployed, retired, benefits

Saturday, 29 June

9:30 am – 4:00 pm


Husband and wife

Students, unemployed, retired, benefits

Price includes refreshments and any handouts.
Please remember to bring lunch with you.
If you are a fellow-labourer with SMI then please ask us about the course cost.


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