Healing and Deliverance meetings

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Healing and deliverance meetings

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Sundays, once a month, 1:00pm-6:00pm

A special, anointed healing and deliverance meeting. Many travel from all over to join us on these days so bring your need and come in faith! Doors open at 12:00pm when you can join us for drinks.

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What will happen when I visit?

Praise and worship

We start these days with praise and worship. We believe scripture says it's a journey into His presence and that we should worship Him in the beauty of holiness, so that's what we do!


It's always a message to do with wholeness. As part of the message, we invite people to join a prayer line for their own specific needs or anything that has spoken to them in the service. We then take a break and have fellowship together (drinks are provided, you should bring a bite to eat).

Personal ministry

After the break, there is an opportunity to receive one on one prayer time with 2 members of our prayer team. They will pray for your own personal needs. The day ends at the end of your prayer ministry.

Follow up

If you've enjoyed your time and need further help you can make an appointment and attend one of our Care & prayer days.

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