Hebraic Renewal

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Hebraic renewal

"I hope Elie's message touches your heart as it did mine the night I heard him speak these profound words. I feel it says it all for our Jewish brothers and sisters and for all the nations as we draw closer to the time of His return (or arrival!). SO LET US ENJOY WAITING TOGETHER!" Pastor Marion Daniel.

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Our Jewish Journey

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George Daniel, Pastor Marion’s father, was born in South West London. He was brought up with a deep respect for his Jewish neighbours. Just before the war he moved to Southampton and married Joan. When Marion was born it was a German Jewish Doctor who saved her life as a baby.

Looking back we can see how the Lord has been paving the way and preparing the ministry for the journey we now find ourselves on. For 28 years we have been a ministry raised up to minister healing, deliverance and wholeness to the world through Jesus.

To help us in this task, right from the start, the Lord has given us a sincere love and respect for the Jewish Scriptures of the Old Testament. For instance we had taught the benefits of the food laws in Leviticus and of keeping a Sabbath for years. We had also been aware of the Messianic Jewish Movement but it had made no real impact on our lives until the day a Jewish lady sought Pastor Marion’s help…..

This opened our hearts to tentatively minister to others with a Jewish background and the first Jewish Roots Ministry Conference was planned.

On that day, not only did the Lord minster to Jews but he also began to deliver the rest of us Gentiles from our anti-Semitic past. A deep conviction came upon us and we began to seriously investigate the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith. We discovered how the Church had deliberately severed these roots in the 3rd and 4th centuries’ and came face to face with the shameful history of Christian anti-Semitism and Britain’s own betrayal of the Jewish people during our administration of Palestine between the First and Second World Wars.

With repentance came the slow process of deliverance from Replacement Theology, which teaches the error that the church has replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people. As we grow the scriptures are coming alive in a new way as we lay aside our Greek mindset and allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds to once more think biblically like Hebrews.

The transformation has not always been easy. But it has been worth it. It has been a joyous homecoming to once again embrace our Jewish Messiah, to take our place as grafted-in members of the commonwealth of Israel, and to celebrate the Moedim, God’s appointed times, the Feasts of The Lord as kept by the Jews.

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