Internship Highlights 2017

The end or the beginning?

The 2017 summer internship might’ve come to an end, but the eight interns who joined us back in July now find themselves stepping into what God has next for them.


It’s been an honour and a delight to host our interns over these past three months. The real highlight from their time with us has been seeing them progress through our Biblical Ministry Training Course—a Course which seeks to introduce believers to Christian ministry and establish a firm foundation on the Word of God. They have been great students, all of them hungry for a deeper relationship with God and willing to seek Him out. A change is evident in each of them and it’s no surprise after spending so long in Holy Scripture!

“Jesus is changing me. My eyes and my heart have been opened to the truth in the Bible and I’ve now got a greater faith.”
(Mary W.)

“In three months, I’ve been taught such a lot. I’ve come to know God in a more real and personal way.”
(Mike B.)

“Every day has its little bits that make it special. It’s an awesome experience and I’d definitely recommend it.”
(Gary M.)

Our time with the interns has been truly blessed by the Lord. He has revealed His Word, shown His love, taught new things, brought challenges and conviction, but most of all He has lit hearts on fire. Our prayer now is that wherever they go from here, they will unashamedly carry the whole message of the Gospel of Jesus. As this season ends, joyfully their next season now begins! Go with the flow, interns!


The !nternship is our 3 month placement which offers Christian ministry training and work experience to all ages. Information for next year will be released soon.

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