Ministry To Health Care Workers and Carers - (3 DVD set)


Being in health care or any other form of caring is a very rewarding vocation and/or ministry, but how does that role affect you mentally, spiritually, physically or emotionally?
Those very people who the public adore can often be wounded or weighed down just by trying to do that job, living lives feeling exhausted every day.
Working with people who can often be at their lowest ebb can affect us in ways we might not have seen!

Come and hear from someone who has been there.
Find out how to overcome the stresses your role brings.
Learn how to regain or walk-in the compassion you first had!
Learn strategies of applying your faith and authority to overcome when the enemy tries to bring you low.
Learn how to spot the battles and apply faith based answers.
Get spiritually cleaned up from just doing your job!

Special time of ministry too regarding the Covid Pandemic -
One of the biggest challenges within our lifetime! Most of us were fortunate to survive the covid pandemic but who actually offered to pray with you about the effects adn the cost of it all. Its been an immensely painful time, why would we not have someone pray with us and break the effects of it. This DVD has those very prayers.

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