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Praying the Psalms


"Praying the Psalms by Clift and Kathleen Richards unlocks the spiritual treasury of the Psalms through prayer. As you personalize the pray the powerful truths and promises of the Psalms, God will speak to your heart and you will experience His peace, gain new insights into His purposes, and find assurance of His protection and grace for your life. This unique book will help readers understand key concepts in the Psalms, learn about the men who wrote the Psalms, discover important truths presented by the Psalmists, and apply the Psalms to personal prayer. The prayers of this book cover a wide range of topics, including God's Word, Happiness, Hope, Joy, Strength, and Understanding. They are categorized as Topical Prayers, Psalms of Power-Prayers of Purpose, and Prayers of the Psalmists. There are fifty-six topical prayers that blend the verses of various Psalms together around a central theme in a coherent fashion. Each reference is footnoted and listed at the end of the prayer. The section called Psalms of Power--Prayers of Purpose turns well-known, key Psalms, such as Psalms 23, into inspiring personal prayers. The final section of "Praying the Psalms is based on prayers prayed by the Psalmists themselves

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Clift & Kathleen Richards