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Rediscovering Holiness


We sing, "holy, holy, holy," and most of us would agree that seeking holiness would bring us closer to God. But how many of us really know what holiness is, let alone live holy lives?

There was a time when Christians laid great emphasis on God's call to holiness. But how different it is today! To listen to our sermons and to read the books we write - and then to watch the zany, worldly, quarrelsome way we behave - one would never imagine that the highway of holiness was once clearly marked out for Bible believers. In Rediscovering Holiness, the highway is once more clearly marked out for a new generation of Christians, pointing to freedom and joy both and in eternity. The path of holiness is not easy but walking its hills and valleys through faith, you will answer God's highest call: "Be holy, because I am holy." And you'll find yourself closer to Him.

Renowned theologian J. I. Packer, calls believers back to God’s call to holiness. In this edition, the path to holiness is clearly marked out, pointing to true freedom and joy, both now and in eternity.

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J.I. Packer