A Stranger in the Land


Have you or your ancestors ever been a 'stranger' in another land or perhaps felt like a stranger at home? You NEED this ministry! Topics covered include the following:

- Who is the 'stranger in the land'?
- How does God see you?
- Are you a 'stranger' in your own home?
- How should we honour the 'stranger in the land' according to scripture?
- How can the 'stranger' feel at home anywhere?
- Breaking generational curses on the 'stranger'


Are you an outcast in your own family? If so, this day conference also included anointed ministry on the 'stranger' in the home.

MISUNDERSTOOD by your spouse or relatives, acquaintances, familiar friends, siblings, children, close friends or work colleagues?

If you relate to the 'upright man' Job, this ministry will set you free from the pain in your soul!


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