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Why Christians Get Sick


Can people be free from physical illness? Are cancer and other life-threatening diseases avoidable? What can a person do to avoid sickness - from allergies to asthma to alzheimer's? Rev. George Malkmus had similar questions on his mind when, at age 42, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. "How could this be?" he asked the Lord. "How can a Christian get cancer?" Not willing to accept this cancer as "God's will" for his life, he began an intensive biblical and scientific study to find out why---and to possibly find an alternative to the usually unsuccessful treatments of the medical profession. What Rev. Malkmus discovered not only brought healing to his own body, but also answered many questions asked by believers all over the world, including why Christians get sick. In this candid, easy-to-understand book, Rev. Malkmus shares his knowledge and insight with you as you discover: The diet given to us direct from God as written in the Bible; How to live a healthy life according to His plan---the life He intended for you; The foods you should and shouldn't eat. And much more; Apply this eye-opening knowledge, Christian or not, and become free from most every physical problem known to man!

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Rev. George H. Malkmus