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Keys to Breakthrough – CD set


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The set of CD messages for every Christian home. Listen to these and you will finally understand the fullness of what Christ did for you on the cross! Is there a ‘hole’ in your experience of the cross? Fill it with these anointed messages.

Key 1 – Conviction – The forerunner to repentance.
Key 2 – Repentance – Means more than I’m sorry.
Key 3 – Salvation – Not just a meal ticket to heaven.
Key 4 – Water Baptism – it’s a MIRACLE not just a symbol.
Key 5 – Born Again – This experience does not replace salvation.
Key 6 – Justification – You’re aquitted – He’s paid the price.
Key 7 – Redemption – Bought back for God with a ransom price.
Key 8 – Sanctification – A holy consecrated life.
Key 9 – The Veil – Ripped… to release resurrection power.
key 10 – The Blood – The sacrifice paid for you.

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