Keys to Breakthrough


The set of CD messages for every Christian home. Listen to these and you will finally understand the fullness of what Christ did for you on the cross! Is there a ‘hole’ in your experience of the cross? Fill it with these anointed messages.

Key 1 – Conviction – The forerunner to repentance.
Key 2 – Repentance – Means more than I’m sorry.
Key 3 – Salvation – Not just a meal ticket to heaven.
Key 4 – Water Baptism – it’s a MIRACLE not just a symbol.
Key 5 – Born Again – This experience does not replace salvation.
Key 6 – Justification – You’re aquitted – He’s paid the price.
Key 7 – Redemption – Bought back for God with a ransom price.
Key 8 – Sanctification – A holy consecrated life.
Key 9 – The Veil – Ripped… to release resurrection power.
key 10 – The Blood – The sacrifice paid for you.


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