The Woman Factor


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Rabbi Baruch Bierman used to be a persecutor of women in ministry. He would not allow them to teach or preach. This book is Rabbi Baruch’s Life Message as an Act of Restitution to all the women that have been rejected and resisted because of erroneous doctrines in the Body of Messiah.


He is married with Bishop Dominiquae Bierman, the first Jewish woman Bishop in the Church today. She is a Church reformer and transformer and has written many books on the restoration of the Church to its Jewish Roots and Foundations. Both of them are modern day Jewish Apostles preaching and teaching the Word of God all over the world with signs, wonders and miracles following! They live and minister from the Prayer Tower in the City of Eilat on the Red Sea in Israel and have 4 children, three grandchildren and one great grandchild.


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