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Our vision is to bring families together to worship the Lord and hear the Word of God being preached.

Family is at the heart of our Hebraic faith and we are excited about being together in the sanctuary. Do come and join us as we praise and worship God together through group dance, banners and flags. The best way to encourage our children to worship is to do it with them.

We totally believe in teaching the children the Word of God and helping to show them how they can apply this to their lives. We believe they can receive salvation and baptism in the Holy Ghost from a young age and grow in the Word just like Jesus did.



During service

Crèche (Ages 0-3)

Available every Sunday

Every Sunday there is a crèche room where parents can take children under school age to play while they can still watch the service on the live TV feed. If your children need a snack or you need some privacy to feed your baby, this is the ideal room for you to use.

Abraham's Children (Ages 4-11)

Available on healing meetings and one fellowship meeting per month

We aim to present the Word in a multi-sensory, fun and lively way and include lots of discussion. The children are given opportunity to pray out loud in the group and learn to look up verses and read aloud too. Following this time we have arts and crafts, or games linked to the teaching time.

After service

After Sozo Club (Ages 4-11)

Available on healing meetings

If you have come needing some private prayer ministry we can help facilitate this by looking after your children at After Sozo Club. Games, crafts, outside fun (weather permitting). It’s an opportunity for young people to meet and fellowship together in a relaxed environment


Emma D



It's often said that young people are the leaders of tomorrow. But the Bible tells us that we are called to be examples today! Let no one think less of you because of your youth, but be an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity... (1 Timothy 4:12). As believers in Jesus, we are called to be transformed and we are called to live differently from the ways of the world. Why? So that we can draw closer to God, and so that He can use us to make a real difference right here and now in this generation!

We meet monthly so we can grow together. Bible studies, bike rides, movie nights, touch rugby, and the unforgettable summer and winter youth camps... Our youth events are led by the youth team.

Youth on beach


Lizzie Sullivan
Lizzie Sullivan

As a "Sozo baby" born and bred, Sozo has always been a family to me and a place of refuge where I can get built up. Like the prodigal son I’ve played a part in the world, but I finally came back home to Jesus. A close relationship with God is something that I had hunted and hungered for in all the wrong places, but I always found this connection in pure worship. It was a yearning for this that drew me back. I am so excited to see how God is working right now and to be a part of His plans and purposes for the youth of today.

Rachel Cary
Rachel Cary

I’m incredibly blessed to have been born in this ministry after God healed both my parents from a condition called M.E. While growing up at Sozo, I’ve been given a wonderful foundation in the Word of God. Now God is giving me ‘heart’ revelations of these truths so I can start passing them on to others. I have a love of language and reading is my favourite hobby. I’m excited about the opportunity to get ‘stuck in’ with the youth here, and to share my passion for worship and a personal relationship with God.

Do you know Jesus? Want to know Jesus more?
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Their Story

Hatty Ingle-Tanteo joined our ministry in 2001 along with her family. After growing up here, she felt God calling her to reach out and take the Gospel further. Once her bags were packed, she left home and joined a discipleship training school in Hawaii. From there she took a mission trip to Pamukid in the Philippines, and ever since her plane landed that day she knew that she was right where God wanted her to be. But, what she didn’t realise at that time was how God had already lined up a husband for her and they were soon going to meet for the very first time!

Danilo Tanteo was leading a Bible study at a nearby church when he first met Hatty. After working together for some time, Dan proposed and Hatty said yes! They are now happily married and ministering together successfully as a husband and wife team.

Hatty Ingle-Tanteo in the Philippines

Their Mission

Hatty & Dan are achieving great things for God! They lead a daily Bible study, daily feedings and nutritional drinks, youth group meetings with meals and fellowship, prayer meetings, outreach to slum children, music practice and much more.

There is such a great need where they are serving and they find themselves continually surrounded by hungry kids. The Philippines is classed as a third world country and living conditions are very basic, especially in the jungle area of Pamukid. They would greatly appreciate prayer support and financial aid. The more God provides, the more mouths they can feed with spiritual and physical nourishment.

Alongside the outreach, Dan is studying to be a pastor in his spare time. From their own personal funds they will build a house so that they have a base to provide more support in the area. They long to see this generation rise up and reach out to others so that more people find out about Jesus.

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