“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good...”  Psalm 34:8


There is an awakening throughout the world where many believers are  rising up wanting to know more about the covenant roots found in Jesus. This day is light, fresh, jargon-free, religion-free and most of all—FUN! It was cut into four bitesize sessions:


Session 1

Richard will explain how we lost sight of the early church and drifted into a Gentile movement!


Session 2

Helen asks whether keeping a Sabbath is “old fashioned” and “Old Testament” or whether it's a Biblical command which still stands today. She will share on how we can enjoy a family day of rest, good simple food and fun while keeping the Lord at the centre for a whole day!


Session 3

Learn about how the spring feasts are Biblical, enjoyable and edifying! You've probably celebrated two of these before! Passover (Easter) and Shavuot (Pentecost) which are both celebrated in many churches already.


Session 4

Jesus was prophesied in the Old Testament as someone like Moses. Both Moses and Jesus brought reconciliation between God and the people. Be reconciled to God through this teaching. 

More Bagels conferences will be rolling out to follow on with this teaching!


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