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Bible Prayers for All Your Needs


The prayers of this book put you in touch with the heart of God. They will change your perspective, your attitudes, and your circumstances, because they reveal all that God has in store for you. Truly, they will meet your every need as they remind you of God's great love for you. They will build your faith to enable you to reach out and receive the fulfillment of all your needs. The earnest reader will find over 100 prayers in this book, and each is loaded with scriptural truth and power.

The topics cover a wide range of needs:

- personal;
- family;
- financial;
- physical;
- spiritual.

For example:

- Abiding in Christ
- Walking in Goodness
- When You Are Too Busy
- When a New Baby Is Born
- When You Need Better Health
- When You Need Peace of Mind
- Worry About Future Finances.

The layout and use of reference footnotes means this book is great for personal prayer, devotions, meditation, and Bible study, and it may be used both by individuals and by groups. Most prayers are backed up with more than ten Scripture references. The teaching sections in the front of Bible Prayers for All Your Needs provide the reader with a practical treasury of Bible promises and truths, showing both the new Christian and the seasoned believer that the Bible is the Book of all books by the King of all kings.

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