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Hidden in My Heart Volumes I-IV


So much more than lullabies, the “Hidden In My Heart” series weaves Scripture into music that sounds more like a movie score than nursery rhyme songs. It is a musical and spiritual experience that is having a profound effect on listeners of all ages. God’s Word is living and active, and relevant for each of our lives. His powerful truths and promises calm our anxieties, soothe our sorrows, direct our hearts, and reassure our souls. The “Hidden In My Heart” album collection delivers four hours of the most peaceful music on earth with beautiful melodies and soaring orchestral scores. Whether you are two or 92, experience God’s Word in a uniquely gentle way with “Hidden In My Heart” by Scripture Lullabies. Includes: Hidden In My Heart, Volumes I, II, III, and IV with 55 Songs Digital booklets for each album, including lyrics, Scriptures, credits, and more can be accessed at

Written and Produced by Jay Stocker.

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