Shavuot and the Spirit


Second in a study guide series which helps individuals or groups explore the Biblical Feasts in the light of their New Covenant fulfilment. Here, discover how Pentecost fulfils the Feast of Shavuot and what is meant by 'the outpouring of the Spirit'.

When God led the people of Israel out of Egypt he gave them three major feasts to celebrate: Passover, Shavuot (or Feast of Weeks) and Tabernacles - as memorials to remind them of various stages in their redemption from slavery.

These studies show another example of the divine order that runs unerringly through Scripture and how the Feasts correspond to the three great Christian Feasts - Easter, Pentecost and the birth and return of the Messiah. These too should be memorials or landmarks to remind us of the various aspects of our redemption.