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Shabbat Shalom


Shabbat Shalom! For centuries the Jewish people have greeted each other with this wonderful phrase on their special day of rest– the Sabbath.

While the Sabbath is central in Jewish life, many Christians are being called by God to discover the Jewish roots of their faith. The result is that a growing number of Believers around the world are wanting to learn about the Sabbath.

In this publication, Dr. Booker tells us what the Bible says about the Sabbath and how Christians can celebrate the Sabbath from a Christian perspective in their own home. Dr. Booker explains: The Sabbath in the First Testament. The Sabbath between the Testaments. Jesus and the Sabbath. Paul and the Sabbath. The Church and the Sabbath. Celebrating the Sabbath in the Christian home.

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Dr. Richard Booker