Spikenard Small Bottle


  • PRAYER AND BLESSING TOOL: Our anointing oil is a tool for prayer that can be used anytime or place for setting apart the kingdom of God.
  • DAILY PRAYER: Use of fragrant anointing oil or balm during daily prayer offers a lingering reminder and encouragement that Jesus is always near.
  • THOUGHTFUL RELIGIOUS GIFT: Our Spikenard anointing oil is a thoughtful and considerate gift to give those using prayer in daily life. Oil of Gladness is committed to supporting people in prayer by providing superior anointing oils, oil holders and Christian gifts using the most beautiful fragrances available.
  • UNITE THE WORLD: Believers in the US and around the world use our handmade anointing oil to come together as a community and unite with God. Hand-filled and blessed by a small dedicated team in the USA.
  • REINFORCE SPIRITUAL MEANING: Our anointing oil is made to reinforce faith or enhance spiritual experience through prayer. It’s not meant to be used for physical healing and does not have any mystical power in and of itself.

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