5 Inspiring Testimonies to Boost Your Faith

"God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ..." Galatians 6:14

Here are 5 recent testimonies from people who have taken the time to give feedback after attending our events. May these words inspire your faith and lead you to Jesus.


1. Delivered from overwhelming torment

I've moved forward so much in my walk with the Lord since attending one of your deliverance conferences. I received total healing and deliverance from the torment of oppression that had plagued me virtually my whole life. I had suffered from stress and depression from the age of 17, and had two major breakdowns in my 30's. I struggled on for years, desperately crying out to God. When I attended your conference I was at the point of collapse. But, to God be the glory, honour and power I have not had a single day of oppression since. Not one single morning have I woken with that heavy, crushing dread. Not once! Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb that was slain for me.


2. Getting to the root

After a root canal procedure and repeated antibiotics to fight an infection in my mouth which I suffered for 6 years, I went and had prayer ministry at one of your meetings. The team prayed for me and broke some specific curses. After asking God for healing the infection has finally gone! I felt a huge impact of the Holy Spirit and have gone on enjoying His presence ever since. I'd struggled with emotional stress and this has totally lifted too. Thank you!


3. Liberated from ungodly brotherhood

What an awesome day and what a sense of freedom and encouragement already! I was overwhelmed by your welcome, the humble serving attitude of the team and the tremendous sense of peace all day. Freemasonry ravaged my family in so many ways... but no longer! I give God all the glory but I thank Him for your wonderful ministry.


4. Idolatry broken

I attended your conference on relationships and was challenged in the session on idolatry. I realised that my father had put me on a pedestal when I was very young, virtually making me an idol! The consequence of this has made me have very high and unreasonable expectations in my relationships, especially towards my husband. Deep down I was really saying, "Worship me!" I was unaware of this and how damaging it was to our marriage. It was a horrid revelation to face, but the truth of it was so liberating. Now the curse of idolatry has been broken I have such peace and joy. I feel free to make the changes and I'm deeply convicted that God can be trusted with everything in my life! Praise the Lord!


5. Holy camp fire!

Our youngest son was especially blessed at the spring youth camp to see God touching the other young people during worship and ministry, singing and praying in tongues, which he has only seen with adults before. He has a new desire for the things of God and is singing to the Lord around the house. We are having some great spiritual discussions! I just want to encourage you that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.


Want to read more? We are working on a testimony book!