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The Curse of Secret Societies


Have you, unwittingly, through secret society oath-taking and ritualism, given the devil control, not only of your own life, but that of your wife and family? Great-grandfathers, grandfathers or fathers, who were, or are, directly involved with any oath-bound secret society will automatically have brought 'a curse' upon themselves, their wives, and their children to the 3rd and 4th generations. This happens as a result of secret society oath-taking and ritualism.

If you are the wife, the son, the daughter, grandchild or great-grandchild of a man who is or has been oath-bound to any secret society – sit down and take a close look at your Family. Are there af ictions of family problems, family divisions, broken marriages, continual sickness, obsessions, addictions etc? Is there a history of tragedy, suicides, misfortunes or failure? Is there ‘hereditary’ illness such as heart disease, cancer, or mental disorders etc.? All this can be indication of ‘an out-working curse’ which can only be broken through the Almighty, All-powerful, name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

It could be said - nonsense - this is life in general - everyone experiences serious problems at some time in their lives, whether they have ‘Secret Society’ connection or not. This is true, but being oath-bound to a ‘Secret Society’ or a ‘Society with Secrets’ leaves families more vulnerable. Please take heed to this solemn but sincere warning.

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