The Shaping of an Apostle


The Shaping of an Apostle is June Newman Davis’ personal account of her incredible journey of faith. Raised by parents who were Salvation Army officers, June converted to Judaism as a young adult and only came into a living relationship with Jesus Christ in her 40s. As a new Christian, June was called by God to be an apostle. June felt unqualified and unsuited for this calling, since she knew little about the Christian faith and lived in a time when women in ministry were not widely accepted. Yet, God had called her, and her story proves that God will use any believer who submits themselves to Him and allows Him to shape them for His purposes. Being led by God’s Spirit, June’s apostolic ministry saw many people come to salvation and receive healing or deliverance. Her ministry also equipped countless believers to live the victorious life of faith. Plenty of examples are provided in these pages, with biblical teaching interwoven throughout, the combination of which are sure to stir your faith and inspire you to step into God’s calling for your own life.

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By June Newman Davis